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1982 Hans Christian 38T

NOK  1 032 730*
Old Saybrook, CT
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En motor / diesel
Old Saybrook, CT
Aktuell pris:
US$ 119 900 (NOK  1 032 730) 

Absolutely Spectacular Hans-Christian Motorsailer - One-owner 

This Hans Christian is well maintained with all records.

Air conditioning, Heat, Vacuflush head, Awlgrip topside, new

teak decking  just to name a few upgrades.

This one needs to be on your shortlist prior to making any purchase!!!





Blue Water Boats writes, “Built like a tank and laden with teak, the Hans Christian 38 Traditional (sometimes known as the 38T) is a heavy displacement double-ender that oozes the classic feel of a bygone age. ...It traces its origins back to the work of Colin Archer,” the noted Norwegian naval architect and shipbuilder whose legendary boat designs inspired “the demand for the salty Scandinavian double-ended styling.”

“The Hans Christian 38T is beautiful visually and incredibly seaworthy with many circumnavigations under her belt. Owners love their live-aboard comfort and “Cadillac ride.” Due to her solidly constructed 26,500 pound hull which incorporate 9,800 pounds of lead encapsulated 6 feet down in the hull, she is stable, sea-kindly and dry with no bobbing or banging around, even in the rough stuff.

“Above the waterline, the styling is classic Hans Christian; a long bowsprit, a springy sheerline, and rounded canoe stern with large dollops of teak all over. Below the waterline you’ll find a heavy displacement hull with very rounded sections, a full keel with a forefoot cutaway and a big “barn door” rudder…. They are solid boats overbuilt to cruise in safety and comfort.”

This blue-water cutter is unquestionably the strongest, best constructed and finished boat in its class. Designed by American Harwood Ives, built by Chinese boat builders in Taiwan under the supervision of German engineers, finished by Chinese craftsman carpenters, and outfitted with all-American built hardware, this boat combines the best of all worlds.   

Even a boat as well built as the Hans Christian 38T has some inherent problems that, with age, need to be addressed.  In the case of Windfall, which has been maintained immaculately, these issues have been addressed and corrected. In considering the purchase of a Hans Christian (or any other older boat, for that matter), a buyer should be aware that these repairs can involve substantial costs.

Typical problems with Hans Christians:

  1. Osmosis Osmosis is common problem with fiberglass boats built in the ‘80s and newer boats cheaply built with questionable construction shortcuts such as the use of chopper guns to apply glass and resin.  Osmosis and it’s superficial symptom, blistering, is caused by moisture permeating through the gelcoat over time and combining with ethylene glycol, a chemical by-product of the curing process of polyester resin.  While the osmosis process begins within the hull in about the 10th year, it take many years for the problem of blistering to show up (usually in 25th to 30th year).  At this point, it does not affect the strength or integrity of the hull, but unless treated can eventually result is much greater difficulties.  The problem can be permanently resolved by grinding down the blisters to open the gelcoat, aggressively wash out the water soluble ethylene glycol, allow time to let hull dry out, seal the entire hull with 5 coats of epoxy (25mils), and recoat with anti-fouling bottom paint. This is a time consuming and expensive process.  

    In the case of Windfall, the hull was barrier coated in 2017 at a cost of $16,000.  When considering the purchase of a used boat, buyers should be aware that if this work has not already been done, there is a good chance it will need to be done some time in the future.

  2. Teak Decks -The beautiful teak decks on the Hans Christians, with age, will need to be replaced.  The teak is held down by screws and sealed with bungs that eventually pop and lift, leaving bare screws that are unsightly, leak and ultimately allow the teak to lift.  In addition, the bedding fails causing further water damage.

    In 2010, the teak deck on Windfall was completely rebuilt; worn teak replaced; boards re-bunged with wider bungs with more surface for gluing; all grooves re-routed, and completely re-bedded with Teak decking Systems caulk; bringing the decks up to a better than new condition.  The cost for labor and materials was $42,000.

    A cheaper way to repair the teak deck is remove the teak and fill in the deck with fiberglass or epoxy.  While this works, it destroys the classic look of the boat and diminishes its value. Remove the teak decks and you remove much of what makes the Hans Christian so distinct.

  3. Doghouse Ware - Over time, the sun and ware causes the doghouse to check and discolor.  In 2016, the doghouse on Windfall was filled, faired and re-coated with Awlgrip to bring it back to a sparkling white like-new appearance. The cost was $9,000

  4. Hose Deterioration - As with all older boats, the hoses eventually deteriorate and can create dangerous situations if not replaced.  All of Windfalls hoses were replaced in 2016 and thru-hill fitting were checked and replaced as needed.


Most classic boats with extensive interior teak finish that are even close to being affordable were are older, and lack the amenities of more modern boats.  They have poorly designed and awkward toilet facilities and no air conditioning. Windfall has been brought up to date with modern vacu-flush plumbing and full boat air conditioning and heating.

Similar Boats

There are a few Hans Christian “want-to-be’s”, also built in Tiawan, but none are as well built or finished; and none have held their value like the 38T. This is primarily due to inherent manufacturing and design flaws that have presented as those boats have aged and require large expense to correct.

Typically, these boats suffer from the following problems, some similar to the Hans Christian, and some significantly worse and more expensive to cure.

  1. Teak decks have proved high maintenance, many boats have had their teak removed. On those that remain, crew heads holding down the teak deck becoming visible, bedding fails and water damage causes lifting and failure.

  2. Balsa cored deck construction is susceptible water penetration and rot, causing serious deterioration in strength and integrity.  There are no such problems with the well-built Hans Christian boats.

  3. Water tanks are made of black iron and are prone to rusting over time and leaks. Water tanks on Windfall are stainless steel.

  4. Electrical problems are probably the weakest link in most Taiwanese built boats of the 1970-80s era. Wiring as often hard to access buried under teak battens and ceiling liners making repairs difficult.  Wiring on Windfall is neat and well-marked and runs through raceways that are easily accessible.

Brokers Comment: This blue water cutter rigged sailboat is a unique one owner vessel. She has been used gently and shows beautiful.

There are no disappointments on this one. Owner pride is evident throughout.

Bring your best Surveyor!!!!

Call Central Listing agent Ed Fairbanks 860-575-7935 for a private viewing



Please contact Ed Fairbanks at 860-795-0001

interessert i denne båten? Telefon: 860-795-0001 Toll Free: (877) 213-1055

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