2018 Palm Beach 82 Motor Yacht-Heritage Yachts

NOK  50 550 847*
Fort Lauderdale, FL
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To motorer / diesel
Fort Lauderdale, FL
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US$ 5 965 000 (NOK  50 550 847) 

The Heritage Yachts Palm Beach 82 Flush Deck Flybridge Motor Yacht

(Standard Specification – Optional additions & modifications by owner may apply)

The Heritage 'Palm Beach’ 82 Flush Deck Flybridge Motor Yacht is the ultimate reward.  The prestige of owning a legacy is without compare.

The Palm Beach 82 Motor Yacht  is  perfect for an owner/operator seeking a boat for comfortable cruising with family and friends.   We offer two options in the Motor Yacht:​

  • A classic formal layout with crew forward.  Owner and guests are aft with separate entry. The galley separates the pilothouse from the owner’s party and allows the crew to do their job smoothly without bother to owner and guests.
  • A contemporary informal layout with galley and pilothouse combined and owner and guests forward. Crew is housed aft of the engine room. This layout is quite popular currently.

Our master craftsmen create each Heritage ‘Palm Beach’ 82 Flush Deck Flybridge Motor Yacht meticulously, combining the latest technologies with artisanal attention.  Each owner’s specific requires are incorporated in tried and true solid design and construction.   For the pleasure of owners’ and guests, unsurpassed comfort and grace are combined with pleasing performance and seaworthiness.

To accomplish the requirements mentioned above, the design is based on the famed deep-v hull.  This enables our yachts to be capable of offshore passages in comfort and safety with a good turn of speed.  Standard power of 18 to 32 liter diesels will permit speeds in the 20-28 knot range.  Options include PODS and water jets if desired to meet specific owner needs. Performance means more than just speed. It is control, handling, directional stability, dynamic stability. Our hulls are carefully sized to carry the projected loads. We use the concept of bottom loading to size a hull.  A concept similar to an airplane’s wing loading. The planing phenomenon is similar to flying.  An angle of attack is needed and a surface to generate lift.  From our vast research, we know the range to work in; not too heavy nor too light.  Then, we sculpt the bottom shape to have a fine entry for soft ride and low resistance with the right amount of waterline beam for good stability.  We adjust the bottom aft to dial in the right running trim.  Lastly, the details will be done in a manner that that allows safe and comfortable operation; abundant and properly sized handrails, non-skid decking, sea rails on countertops,  good sight lines, and similar functional features often neglected in favor of style. 

When first taking the helm of the 82, one is struck by the ease of maneuverability and vision, comfort and safety. The interior silence derives from high levels of insulation through the engine & mechanical compartments, flooring and exhaust systems.

Classic elegance abounds in the 82’s interior for the comfort of those lucky enough to be aboard.  We use balanced compliments of find woods, leathers and materials to create a casual,  yet dignified experience.  Owners may choose from a myriad of the finest finishings,  counter tops, floor and wall treatments of the highest standards.  Large retractable windows on both sides of the helm station provide fresh air and come in handy in port.  Efficient space utilization insures plenty of storage.  We provide custom cutlery, dishes and glassware and state of the art audio visual and entertainment systems—all included as standard equipment or customized to suit each individual owner’s requirements.

Heritage Yachts is fastidious about design and construction of our vessels.  Details are our obsession. It is our most heartfelt desire that each of our boats is superbly crafted and built with the latest design, technology and materials….that we create heirlooms for generations to come. 

True quality endures, inspires and impresses long after the transaction is forgotten.

For more information, feel free to contact us today.


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    Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301
    USA: +1.561.631.9011
    Palais Granada
    98000 Monte Carlo

Please contact at 561) 631-9011

interessert i denne båten? Telefon: 844-544-4262
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